A very British Day Out at Wimbledon

I haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve just come back from visiting my grandparents in Spain. My nan had an operation whilst I was there but thankfully she seems to be recovering as expected.

My holiday blues were beaten yesterday when I attended the Wimbledon championships with my boyfriend. The rain held off so we wandered around and enjoyed some scones and Pimm’s before heading to the court to watch Albot and Tomic compete. I have to admit that I don’t really know that much about tennis but it was enjoyable to watch and it was a really pleasant day out.






The unpredictable summer weather is proving to be a pain to dress for so I decided to wear floral print trousers with a ruffle detail top and blue faux leather jacket, all from Zara. I’ve been living in this blue jacket as it’s perfect for for the rain and chill which, lets face it, occurs on most days.



Wet Weekend

Last weekend was quite a manic one for me, especially on Saturday which involved having a blow-dry as I’m useless at making my hair look decent, going to my friends’ joint baby shower followed by a BBQ at another friend’s house. I needed an outfit that was comfortable but also looked nice so I had it in mind a few weeks ago to wear my coral gypsy top from H&M (£15) which I bought about 3 months ago. I knew that I wanted to wear jeans with it but I didn’t have a suitable pair so that’s where Topshop comes in. Most of their jeans usually come up small on me but luckily the Jamie style has some stretch in the fabric so I went for a pair that are ankle grazing and have rips at the knee. (£42)



I finished it off with ankle tie sandals from Topshop but as it was the first time that i wore them they rubbed against my big toes so plasters were needed! The only problem with the coral top is it creases easily as you can see from the photos.



Everything was set out for the baby shower and it all looked lovely but unfortunately, about 15 minutes after I arrived it started raining heavily and didn’t stop for over an hour which definitely put a dampener on things. Everyone still had a nice time though and the rain finally stopped at around 4.30. My hair, however was pretty much ruined!

Rowing on the River

Yesterday the Poplar and Blackwall Rowing Club held 3 races, one of which was dedicated to my late grandad, so I joined some of my family to watch the races and spend the day together. It was an unexpectedly beautiful day which was really enjoyable. I helped my nan and uncle hand out prizes to the winners then we went for a meal in a local restaurant.


I wore a floral shirt dress from Zara (£40)  which was just about light enough for the warm weather. My loafers are from Linzi and my bag is from Forever 21


Wedding Season

Last week me and my boyfriend went to our friends’ wedding reception in Tunbridge Wells. The venue was stunning and provided the perfect backdrop for the wedding. We arrived at 7pm but the sun was still shining so it would’ve been rude not to sip a Pimm’s and toast to the newly married couple.

I chose my outfit the weekend before as I originally planned to wear a grey jumpsuit from asos but I had to send it back as it was too baggy around the stomach area. (the joys of having a short torso) I popped into Topshop and picked up a loose, smart pair of grey trousers which are unbelievably comfortable and a mint green off the shoulder top.




My shoes were around £30 from Bershka and they are also really comfortable. We had a really fun evening, catching up with friends and attempting to dance. I do like a good wedding.


Under Pressure

I’m not going to lie, sometimes compiling blog content can feel like a chore – especially when life is busy and I don’t have the chance to get a decent outfit photo. I’ll admit that I’ve been pretty lax with my blog recently. Blogging in general just isn’t what it used to be and now it’s mostly a popularity contest. I feel like there is too much gloss and not enough grit – the realness that makes bloggers so relatable. If I wanted gloss and glamour I’d read a fashion magazine but I feel that most of the successful bloggers look like they’ve stepped straight out of the pages.

I don’t want to sound critical but for me, that’s not what blogging is truly about. Of course it should be a labour of love and demonstrate that you have actually made an effort but I think it’s gone too far and the relatability factor is lost. I constantly feel pressured to take great quality photos, post regularly and look into shelling out money for a header and template to make my blog look ‘as good’ as everyone else’s. So much so that it isn’t really enjoyable anymore. I also have no interest in constantly analysing my stats because I’ll only be disappointed and I’m not exactly going to become the next Zoella. For me, blogging has always been just a hobby.

Does anyone else feel the same? How do you push on and carry on blogging? I’m hoping that when I have more free time next month that my blogging will pick up again but I do wonder when I’ll eventually stop blogging completely.

L’oreal Infallible Sculpt Review

I do like a bit of contouring, even though it’s a bit passé now! I just love anything that makes my face look a bit slimmer and brings out my cheekbones so when I saw this sculpting product in boots I thought I’d give it a whirl.



To my disappointment, I couldn’t find the brush, which you have to buy separately anywhere so had to resort to using a brush from another palette which isn’t best suited to the job. I applied my usual foundation and concealer then followed the instructions included for each face shape working away, attempting to sculpt my round face. I didn’t use too much product Kim K style as I prefer a more subtle, natural look and I found the consistency to be slightly waxy so if you use too much it’ll just slide off anyway. Please excuse my ill looking, post foundation and concealer but pre bronzer face, scary!



I set it with some powder from Smashbox then applied my usual bronzing powder over the top on the areas where the sun naturally hits followed by eye make up etc. Below is the finished result and it has made a difference to my natural face.


I don’t use it too often but its good if you want to give your contouring and highlighting a slight boost. I would just make sure you use a decent powder to set it so it stays on and also the correct tools to apply it such as a contouring brush.

Day out in Thorpe Bay, Essex

Last Sunday to escape London I jumped on the c2c for an hour to Thorpe Bay to meet my mum and her partner as they had been to a party there the night before. We are hoping to move to that area in the summer so it was a good opportunity to explore. Despite growing up in London, I am drawn to beaches and water so I felt quite relaxed walking along the seafront, even if the wind did play havoc with my hair!




It was a bright, sunny day which helped and lots of people were out; walking, running and riding bikes. We then walked around some of the streets which were much cleaner and quieter than where I live in London and finally enjoyed a late Sunday lunch in a traditional country pub called The Angel Inn, which structurally, dates back to 1650.


Moving there will probably be a big adjustment but I am looking forward to getting away from the stress and crowds of London and starting a new life.

Celebrating Our 6 year Anniversary at CAU

Yesterday marked the day that me and my boyfriend have put up with each other for a whole six years! (I can’t believe it either) I love any excuse to wear a half decent outfit and eat nice food so we decided to try CAU at St Katherine Docks for a change. It’s an Argentinian restaurant with really tasty, quality food but a laid-back vibe and the staff were really friendly and chatty. We were sat by the window and here is our lovely view below.



I went for the Sirloin steak with skinny fries and a CAU cooler to wash it down with and the other half tried an Argentinian roast dinner, complete with onion rings.



For dessert I fancied something light so I tried grilled pineapple with rum caramel and coconut ice cream which was delicious and very summery.



As the weather was pleasant during the day I wore a pastel blue skirt from H&M with a lace shirt from Primark and a yellow jacket from Zara which you can see in one of my previous posts. I would definitely visit CAU again, maybe during the summer and try some of the small plates and a cocktail or two.

Prêt-à-Portea at The Berkley

Afternoon tea has become one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon which is surprising for someone who doesn’t actually like sandwiches! But then again, I do love cake. I’ve wanted to combine my love of cake and fashion and try the Prêt-à-Portea at The Berkley, which is based on designer collections from the current season for a while now and it certainly didn’t disappoint.












Everything was pretty tasty but my favourites were the salted caramel eclair inspired by Simone Rocha’s collection and the iced biscuits based on pieces by Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. Unfortunately, the Caramel Room where the tea is usually held was being refurbished so we had our tea in Kauffman’s but it was still a quiet, chilled atmosphere and a pleasant experience.

Happy Easter

This year is whizzing by and it’s already Easter but I can’t complain as I love time off work and chocolate! I haven’t been able to lie in for the past two days though which is so frustrating as I love my sleep but I just know when I have to get up for work on Tuesday that I’ll suddenly have no problems falling back to sleep. It’s always the way.

I’ve spent 6 days in my new job so far and it’s going pretty well. (I hope so anyway) The people are really nice but I still feel like I don’t have a clue what I’m doing and I think it’s going to take a while to all click into place. I’ll always struggle with early mornings so that’s nothing new but I do feel better mentally now I have purpose. I’ve also started weaning myself off my anti seizure medication and if all goes well I should be off it completely by mid May. I still don’t have any desire to drink alcohol though, probably because it gives me headaches and affects my precious sleep. I think I’ll just save booze for special occasions or when I really fancy a drink, like a cold Pimm’s on a hot summer’s day which I love.


Today I went to The Royal China at Canary Wharf with my boyfriend for a pre anniversary lunch. It’s not our anniversary until next sunday but I will use any excuse to stuff my face. Here I am (above) attempting to pretend that I’m trying to eat a giant Easter egg, as you do.

I plan to relax round my boyfriend’s tomorrow after hitting the gym to try and burn off all the food I ate today then I’m going for afternoon tea on Monday with my mum and her friend. I hope you all have a lovely Easter and long weekend.