No Drama at Dinerama

Living in London can have its benefits and going to fun places like Dinerma in Shoreditch is one of them. The venue is set across two floors with food stalls downstairs and bars upstairs. Luckily our friends arrived just after 5 and got a table so we had somewhere to put our food and drinks. We arrived just after 6 which is a good time to get there as it wasn’t too busy, there were no queues to get in and we didn’t have to pay to enter before 7. After 7 it started getting busier and busier but it was bearable. I think it feels less claustrophobic than a club as it’s very open with not many walls so you’re half inside and half outside if that makes sense




Food wise I ate a brisket roll and chips from Smokestak. Unfortunately thought the meat was a bit too fatty for me so I couldn’t eat it all. The cocktails on the other hand were very enjoyable! I had 3 pina coladas and an aperol spritz so it was a really fun night! I’d definitely go again to try some of the other street food





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