I’m 30 but I’m always told I don’t look it. I often act more like a teenager and really don’t feel grown up at all! That said, I’d describe myself as a sensible person but not the most responsible! I live at home, have tendencies to be a hermit (especially during Winter) and I’m obsessed with reality TV.

I started blogging back in December 2010 after encouragement from my family and boyfriend. I’ve always enjoyed writing, reading and fashion and wanted a creative outlet to escape to when I wasn’t working at my corporate job.

My first blog Fashionista on a Budget evolved as I grew up and my life began to change. This was most evident after I was diagnosed with blood clots on the brain in December 2014 which led to me quitting my job at the time. I still blog about fashion but there are more lifestyle posts nowadays to reflect my changing situation. This is one of the reasons why I chose to put Fashionista on a Budget on the back burner and make this blog my main one as it also allows me to blog about more personal issues such as my illness and anxiety.