Summer Favourites

Now we are in September summer is pretty much over but I thought I’d tell you about the products I’ve loved during the summer and will continue to use into Autumn and beyond. I wanted to write this post 0ver 2 weeks ago but a close family member was ill in hospital and I’ve been getting headaches so had to have a break from spending too long on screens. I still get them every day but they’re more manageable at the moment.

As someone who suffers from dry lips I’m always on the lookout for something to soothe them. That’s where Dr Paw Paw’s original balm comes in. This multipurpose product contains carica papaya, olive oil, aloe vera and petrolatum, is made in the UK and repairs damaged skin aswell as providing hydration. I’ve been using it on my lips for the past month and it really does make a difference. There are also tinted versions available which are great to add a hint of colour to your lips or cheeks.


A product that is particularly useful in Summer is Living Proof Humidity Shield which I spray on my hair before straightening it or use as a finishing spray before leaving the house on a hot day. It smells amazing and really does prevent the ‘Monica from friends on holiday’ look. It also protects against heat so is ideal to use before heat styling. I also like the dry shampoo as it leaves much less sticky, powdery residue than other versions.


Every girl needs a bit of sass in her life and SASS are the only intimate hygiene brand that don’t cause me any irritation. My favourite product is the Soothe & Smooth shave gel which is ideal for the bikini line as it prevents ingrown hairs and makes shaving run more smoothly. It’s available in some Boots stores or online.


I’ve been a lushie for a few years now but my obsession with all things Lush has calmed down slightly this year. I’m sure it’ll flare up again in the winter, especially around Christmas but for now I’m happy with the odd shower gel. My current favourite is Plum Rain which smells more citrussy than like plums but it’s a really uplifting scent that softens your skin so I would definitely recommend it.


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