Goodbye London, Hello Essex

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks. I moved house a week ago and we have only recently got wifi, which can be temperamental. As a blogger, having no wifi for 5 days is torture! I’ve gone from living in East London which was just over half an hour from central London to living on the Essex coast near Southend. I felt sad to leave behind my childhood home and move over an hour away from my boyfriend and friends but I am settling in. It’s much quieter and calmer here and I no longer need to use a fan or white noise machine to drown out all the background noise in order to sleep.

DSCN3715.JPGThe crowds in London stress me out so I’m enjoying a slower pace of life. I’ve already been back twice to attend an event and meet up with friends so I will still spend quite a bit of time in London but it’s just nice to have a decent place to go back to. I wouldn’t move back to London but I wouldn’t mind being a bit closer than I am now. The good thing is that we’re currently living close to the station and theres a small supermarket within walking distance. It’s also only 5 minutes on the train to the centre of Southend which has some good shops but sadly, no Lush! I think I’ll have to go to intu Lakeside occasionally for more variety and my Lush fix.


It’s so nice living close to the sea and being able to walk or jog along the seafront. We also get to walk around the historic Shoebury Garrison which has some lovely views and memorabilia as you can see below






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