Natural World Brazilian Keratin Hair Products Review

If you have naturally wavy (ish) hair that can be prone to a bit of frizz like me then the Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy range from Natural World is a Godsend! Before trying out the shampoo and conditioner I had been very impressed by the treatment oil as it does a great job of taming my wild-when-wet hair.


The products are infused with Keratin to repair damaged hair, control frizz, smooth and add shine. They make your hair smell really clean and fresh which is down to the rosemary, lemongrass, orange and ylang ylang essential oils. I definitely noticed a difference in how smooth my hair was after the first use and over time it seemed to be even more effective. I usually have to straighten my hair to make it smooth and iron out the waves at the back but there were less occasions when I needed to do so after using the shampoo, conditioner and oil.



I definitely plan to use this combination of products for times when I want my hair to be straight and smooth as it really does do the trick. My only slight issue is that it tends to make my hair quite static but there are plenty of products available to calm it down. How smooth and clean it makes my hair feel more than makes up for it!

Natural World products are available from Tesco and start at £3.49.

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