Bicester Bicester, never knew how much I missed ya

During all the years I lived in London, I never once got around to visiting Bicester Village, which is only a 53 minute train ride away from London Marylebone. It’s only now, when I live over an hour away from central London that I decide to make the trip. (I do like to make things difficult for myself!) However, it was definitely worth the journey as the village is a label lover’s paradise where you can find some great bargains.


I visited Bicester in mid November on a cold, rainy day. We arrived at around 2pm as I’m not one to get out of bed early on a Saturday and it wasn’t overly busy as the weather must have put people off. Once the rain stopped though it did get very busy pretty quickly so we left at around 4. I did manage to look in a a few shops and pick up some Christmas presents along with 2 gifts for myself which were late birthday presents. My biggest bargain was a 5 piece make up set from Charlotte Tilbury which was a complete steal at £25.


Some of the shops such as Gucci and Burberry had quite large queues outside to get in so I avoided those and looked in Mulberry, Barbour, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Charlotte Tilbury. We also had some lunch in Pret a Manger to give us the energy to carry on shopping. The setting was so pretty and festive and I’ll definitely visit again but it will have to be after Christmas because the weekends should start getting manic at this time of year



There are no high street shops at Bicester but it’s a great place to get some classic designer pieces at a discounted price. It’s also pleasant to walk around and window shop. If you’re going to brave the pre-Christmas crowds I would suggest arriving early in the morning when it first opens, preferably on a weekday if you can. I need to start saving my pennies but there’s no doubt about it: Bicester, I will be back!


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