Review of Lush Naked Shower Gels

Around a week before Christmas, we had a problem with the pipe under our bath and had to have it taken out. We will be getting a new one, hopefully in mid February but I’ve really missed soaking in the bath. Of course for Christmas, I got quite a lot of bath products such as bath bombs which I’ve had to stash away to try once we get a new bath. In the meantime though, I get to have fun with a couple of Naked shower gels from Lush. I received the Snow Fairy and Twilight versions as part of a gift set and I was really intrigued by the sweet-smelling, soap-looking, bottle-shaped bars.


They may look like soap but that’s where the similarities end. Soap can be really drying on your skin and leave that squeaky feeling but these beauties, containing most of the same ingredients as the liquid shower gels, leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The formula is slightly less solid than soap and you use it by rubbing the bar directly onto your skin or creating a lather with it between your hands. They are quite addictive and add an element of fun to a mundane shower. Twilight and Snow Fairy are two of my favourite Lush scents and they do pack a decent punch, leaving a subtle trail of fragrance on your skin.


When it comes to storing Naked Shower gels it’s probably best to use a soap dish but I store mine in a zipped PVC bag which I keep outside the shower to stop them from getting wet when they’re not in use. Naked shower gels were released as part of the Lush Christmas range and are no longer available but if you weren’t lucky enough to pick one up here’s hoping that Lush introduce them permanently very soon…



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