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The slogan T-shirt is back in a big way and whether you opt for a political statement such as Dior’s ‘We should all be Feminists’ tee (which has sparked a variety of high street copies) or something more tongue in cheek, it is a trend which is difficult to avoid. I’ve had to restrain myself from buying about 10 different versions but I’ve picked out 3 of my faves to share with you.


1998 was a pretty good year for me. I started secondary school in September, made new friends and enjoyed the carefree, comforting times of childhood. Whether the number 98 on this Topshop T-shirt actually relates to 1998 I don’t know but it’s fun the reminisce nevertheless. Also French words or phrases such as L’amour and slogan tees often seem to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, each time I wash this top some of the black stones fall off so if you own one of these I’d advise to hand wash or wash on a delicate setting only.


FFD8B58B-335F-47CE-A703-5E9AB0D205B51974 may be over a decade before I was born but the 70’s look is another trend this season and the glittery font on this New Look top is a subtle nod to the era-defining Studio 54. Who doesn’t love a bit of disco? Like most slogan T-shirts, this can be dressed up or down and worn in chilly Blighty with a jacket or on its own when on holiday in warmer climes.


Out of all the T-shirts, the slogan on this Miss Pap number is the most ‘me’ as I’m obsessed with fashion. ‘In Vogue we trust’ is like a fashionista’s mantra. This is also available in white and believe me, I was tempted.

I also have a couple of others including a H&M one with the message ‘Girls Support Girls’ but I’m yet to get a decent, non-selfie photo of me wearing it.

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