Taking Pictures of Myself

I’m slightly ashamed to say it but I do love the odd selfie, especially when the lighting is good and my hair and make up actually look decent. I don’t like to pollute the feed of my followers with too many of them though so I only post them every so often. Instead, outfit pictures are my favourite thing to post on Instagram and to occasionally blog about.


As I live quite far away from my boyfriend and most of my close friends, more often than not there isn’t anyone around to take a photo of my outfit when I’m all dressed up for an occasion. (before travelling crumples my outfit and messes up my hair and make-up) A few weeks ago I had this situation and really wanted to get some pics of my outfit before travelling to London so I decided to use my Mooni which was a present and is a small remote control shutter that allows you to remotely take photos up to 30 feet away. I propped my phone up in the box that the device comes in and rested it on a bookcase and my mum’s car roof! I then stood a few feet away from it and once I was in position I pressed the button and took a some pictures. It does take a few attempts and obviously doesn’t come out as well as it would if somebody else took the picture of me but it’s not a bad alternative.





The most obvious downside is the lighting which I’m hoping can be improved with practice and may work better on less sunny days. I did try to edit them but it didn’t make much difference. I’ve never been great at photography so any tips would be welcome!


I think the picture inside looks better lighting wise than the outside ones, it’s just a shame about the background. However, the Mooni is perfect for taking closer up pictures such as selfies without getting an awkward arm in shot. In case you’re wondering my whole outfit is from Zara which I’m obsessed with at the moment. Have you every tried to take outfit pictures of yourself?

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