Social Media Struggles

As a blogger in today’s digital landscape we’re all expected to have social media nailed, racking up followers by the day and posting engaging and consistent content but I’m not afraid to admit that this isn’t always the case. I mostly use Twitter to promote my blog, followed by instagram and occasionally Facebook but I find Twitter best for follower count and engaging with brands and fellow bloggers.

With Instagram I battle between blog friendly and personal posts and feel that my account can be slightly selfie heavy at times. (soz) I also rarely have someone on hand to take outfit photos so I don’t get to post as many as I’d like, hence the selfies. My followers are made up of both fellow bloggers along with family, friends and acquaintances so it can be hard to please everyone. Does anyone else struggle with this? When people unfollow me or don’t follow back I take it quite personally which I need to work on as you need a thick skin to be a blogger in the current landscape!


I use Facebook for personal posts as I only have a handful of bloggers as friends on there and I think we all need a part of the internet where we can post candid, unedited photos and have a good old rant on occasion. That said, I often share links to my blog when I’ve posted something new so my friends and family can have a read. I did have an actual Facebook page for my old blog but I’m not sure if it’s worth starting from scratch to make one for my current blog. If anyone finds this worthwhile then please let me know.

Twitter is the least disappointing and I find that people are more willing to follow me on there than on Instagram. I can post a few times a day and write about both what’s going on in life along with sharing my blog posts. I also love Twitter chats and feel part of a blogger’s community. It’s a great place to make new friends, discover other bloggers and mutually support each other.

img_4700I’ve covered the three main social networks but are there any others I should be utilising? I am on Pinterest but something went wrong when trying to share my blog images on there so I haven’t even logged in for ages. I also struggle to remember passwords so I find 3 accounts easier to juggle. Also if you don’t follow me on any of these networks already why not do so now? More often than not I follow back. If anyone has any tips on social media I’d love to hear them

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7 thoughts on “Social Media Struggles”

  1. Awh… I get what you mean but I honestly wouldn’t worry! Working on the other side (PR) followers don’t really count for a thing – as long as people are engaged and keep coming back to read your posts, that’s the main thing right? Not to sound too negative but there are some out there who have thousands and thousands of followers, but most of them are spam and therefore, in my eyes, super pointless! I wish I could follow all my favourites but I’m awful with following people back & instead I tend to bookmark blogs I love! Also, especially Instagram I have found since the annoying algorithm change growing my followers is so hard!!!


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