My 2017 Favourites so Far

I know we’re pretty early into 2017 but there are some items I already can’t get enough of. Firstly, my long suffering boyfriend got me a new phone for my birthday last November which I’ve been using to take most of my blog photos as my digital camera is quite old now. The joys of being a blogger and having to have up to date technology! Here are some of the other items I’m currently loving


Coconut is one of my favourite scents and a whiff of it can transport you to sunnier climes where it’s not freezing cold and damp. Urtekram Coconut products are natural, organic and moisturising and can help beat the winter blues. The body lotion is light and refreshing but leaves the skin soft and subtly scented so is perfect to take on holiday. The shower gel is cleansing, moisturising and adds a touch of the tropics to your bathroom.



Makeup Revolution are one of my favourite budget beauty brands and the formulas are also such good value and so pretty! This Fortune Favours the Brave palette was designed and created by British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham. You know you’ve made it when you get to design your own eyeshadow palette for the masses and I can only dream of that happening to me one day! The colours are great for everyday wear and there are a few matte neutral shades to wear as transitional colours in the crease which is always good. There are also darker colours that would be perfect for evening. The shades I’ve used so far did not disappoint and I can see this being my go-to palette for 2017.


I’m a sucker for a scent with a sweet note such as vanilla or liquorice but I don’t like anything too sickly. Yve Saint Laurent’s Black Opium strikes the perfect balance of vanilla, coffee, patchouli, pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine and cedar notes and accords. To me it smells like liquorice but I guess fragrances smell different on everyone! It’s quite mysterious but not overpowering so would make a great evening or date scent.


I’ve wanted to try Glitter Lips for ages so was overjoyed when one of my best friends got me a box for Christmas! Cherry Pie is a dark pink shade with a hint of purple in some of the glitter pieces. It is available in Superdrug or Lovable Chimp So far I’ve only used it once on New Years Eve but I plan to wear it again soon. To see what it looks like on you can look at my Instagram (@ChelseyPrentice)

Have you tried any of these and what are your favourite products of 2017 so far?


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