Beating the Post-Christmas Blues

It may be the most wonderful time of the year but what goes up must come down and the Christmas comedown can be harsh. With this in mind, I’ve put together a short, but hopefully helpful guide to help you beat those blues until Spring.

Look to the future

…it’s only just begun! Sorry to quote Slade here but I use this in-between time to think about what I have planned for both New Years Eve and the following year. Think about anything you want to achieve and how you will try to get closer to that goal and also places or people that you want to visit. On a smaller scale you can also start planning some future blog or social media posts if you haven’t already. Reminding yourself what you have to look forward to helps you stop dwelling on what is now in the past.

Have a clear out

Out with the old and in with the new. I often get rid of things I no longer need to make way for Christmas presents or any new purchases. Giving to charity helps others and ups the feel good factor or you can sell some items to give your bank balance a boost. I often use Depop, especially for clothes I no longer wear. (Shameless plug: My username is @ChelseyPrentice if you want to check out what I’m selling)

Plan a holiday

Arranging a getaway to sunnier shores certainly lifts the spirits. After Christmas funds are usually low so if you’re not in a position to book a holiday you can still window shop where you want to go later in the year and book it once you have the money. Most travel companies also allow you to pay in instalments which makes things more manageable. Also, if you do have spare cash now is the time to book as many companies currently have sales on package deals.

Grab a sale bargain or download some new music

I’m yet to go sale shopping but I plan to have a mooch around the shops tomorrow to see what’s left. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your sofa many stores have online sales. Alternatively, you can download a new song or 2 to lift your spirits. I got an iTunes voucher for Christmas so today I’ve been downloading songs by Craig David, The Weeknd and a couple of house tracks along with some George Michael classics. If you funds are low make a Spotify playlist or listen to some of your favourite songs on YouTube.

Learn something new

This doesn’t have to be as involved or boring as it sounds! You can read a chapter of a book or even an informative article about something you’re interested in. Or you could download an app to teach you words in a different language. They often have quizzes you can take to see how much you’ve learnt but if you go down this route make sure you revisit it regularly otherwise most of what you’ve learnt will go out of your head! (if you’re anything like me that is)

Get lost in a book, film or a relaxing bath

If all else fails then indulge and distract yourself at the same time because we all need a pick me up sometimes.

I hope this helped lift the blues, even if only temporarily. Do you have any of your own tips to add?



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