A Japanese Feast

Wagamama is one of my favourite restaurants but more often than not, I opt for the same dish when I order so when I was offered the chance to try some new dishes at the intu Lakeside restaurant it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

The first dish I tried was a hirata steamed bun with tori kara age chicken which is tasty sake, soy and herb marinated chicken with a chunky ‘panko’ breadcrumb. It was topped with Japanese mayo which is made with extra egg yolk, mirin and rice wine vinegar. These buns are becoming popular in the street food scene and I can see why as they are really tasty and easy to eat on the go. The chicken has a satisfying crunch and the bun is really soft with a texture almost like raw dough but in a good way! There is also a vegetarian mushroom and aubergine version.



The second dish was shitake donburi which is a rice dish topped with salad and an omelette. This is a great healthy, balanced option but is also really tasty and filling as the portions are very generous


Our final and my favourite dish had to be bang bang cauliflower which is coated in firecracker sauce and finished with ginger. It was so tasty and crunchy with a spicy kick at the end. It was also served with peppers and onions which I love. These dishes are available now and have definitely encouraged me to be more adventurous.


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2 thoughts on “A Japanese Feast”

  1. I’m absolutely gutted I couldn’t make this! I LOVE Wagamama, one of my fav restaurants by far. Those steamed buns look incredible, but that omelette has certainly caught my eye!



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