Current Beauty Must-haves

Every season I tend to start using a handful of products religiously and this Autumn/Winter I’ve found some new favourites to add to my routine.

I like to keep it simple when it comes to skincare and not use too many products but Im getting to that age now when I could do with using a moisturiser regularly. That’s where Mac’s Complete Comfort Creme comes in. The formula glides onto your skin, absorbs quickly and leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh with a glow. I love the smell too and tend to use it before applying make up.



Believe or not but I didn’t really start wearing foundation regularly until about 2 years go, so although I like it to cover all of my imperfections I also like it to look fairly natural. Born This Way by Too Faced does the job really well and is a great base for my other make up, such as powder highlighter. The only downside is getting that Lady GaGa song in my head every time I look at the packaging!


I’m always keen to try different brow products so when I nabbed this Freedom Makeup Brow Duo powder at an event I was excited to try it. I use the darkest shade as my brows are naturally quite dark anyway and I was really impressed. It’s become my new go-to brow product as you can use an angled brush to create a natural but groomed look.


How pretty is this I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart highlighter? All of the colours blend together to create a frosted white glow with a hint of green and blue. It really pops and is perfect for the party season. Not bad for £5!


Other products I use regularly and would recommend are the Kat Von D Lock it concealer, Mac Zoom Lash mascara and NYX Soft Matte Lip creams which I blogged about previously

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