Bloggers Xmas 2016

There’s nothing like a good old blogger meet up, especially when there’s a festive theme! Add a few brands and food and you’ve got a recipe for a great day out. After attending the same event, organised by Soeurs De Luxe last year and arranging to meet a couple of my friends there I decided to go again this year


It was a similar set up to last year with various brands exhibiting their wares who we could chat to about their products or service. There were old favourites such as Jewellery Box, Blogosphere magazine and Joe Browns along with brands that I hadn’t heard of until the day including Aromand and Gia. All of the displays were so pretty and festive and the brand representatives were very friendly and informative. Joe Browns and Jewellery Box were our first port of call (below) as they have some unique pieces for Christmas gifts or to treat yourself with.



Tech brand PNY had a wheel to spin which determined what free gift you could receive which I thought was a great idea! I got a selfie stick which will come in handy. The organisers did such a good job of getting the brands involved in both the event and the goodie bags which were amazing! The food was also warm and tasty and there were sweets to snack on too! What’s not to love?


Aromand caught my eye as I’m obsessed with candles! They smell amazing and are handmade in the UK. The brand also sell room fragrance, jewellery and reasonably priced toiletries and gifts which would be ideal for Christmas presents



Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Sweet Cheesus were also at the event last year and if you have never tried one of their cheesecakes then I urge you to as they are delicious! I wish I had one right now to be honest. They come in a small jar so you can feel more virtuous than you would after scoffing a normal sized cake.


How cute are these clutch bags from accessory brand Gia London? They have a new collection including backpacks and shoulder bags coming soon so keep your eyes peeled.

It was great to catch up with friends over food and apple and rum punch and to discover new brands but unfortunately as the venue got busy it became too packed for me and there wasn’t really any room to stand and chat. There was also nowhere to put our coats so I was sweating in my coat and carrying my cardigan around! Unfortunately we didn’t get to chat to all of the brands as quite a queue began to form in front of most of the stalls and I just felt too hot and uncomfortable in the end but overall I definitely enjoyed the event and would be interested in attending next year if there is one.

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