What a Time to be Alive

2022 has been a strange year so far. The world is getting weirder by the day and it often feels like we’re heading towards dystopia with the planet being ravaged by the likes of heatwaves, floods and fires and launching from one crisis to the next with barely any time to breathe in between. This year has brought us the hangover from Covid, the war in Ukraine, the energy and cost of living crisis and most recently, the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II which marks the end of an era. (and we’ve still got a quarter of the year to go yet)

It’s hard not to get caught up in the doom and gloom. Even if you avoid the news, tales of woe are lurking on social media and in the conversations of people you come across. It seems like almost everyone is struggling in some way and it can be hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel, especially if you’re an eternal pessimist like I am.

That being said, I guess hope is all we have and all we can do is try to live in the present the best we can, try to find a way to cope with everything and help others as much as possible, even if its just to lend a sympathetic ear. Personally, it hasn’t been the best year for me and things have been up and down but I know it could be worse and I’m grateful for what and who I have in my life.

Healthwise, my platelets are still behaving like a yo-yo but my last count was lower than the previous blood test so thats a positive. I’ve been going through bouts of tiredness and low energy but at other times I feel almost normal. I haven’t managed to go on a proper holiday abroad this year which is disappointing but I was lucky enough to visit my grandparents in Spain back in May. I couldn’t use the pool but I did walk along the shore at the beach. Work is going well but I mostly work from home so I’m getting much less social interaction than I did in my previous job which I think may be affecting my mood, confidence and social skills. We only have a small team at the moment and the commute into the office is over an hour so working in the office regularly isn’t always feasible but I do travel in occasionally which helps break things up. During the week I barely leave the house and struggle with motivation to get out and do most things.

I was aiming to blog more this year but I’ve been lacking in inspiration what to write about. Sometimes I’ll think of a fleeting idea before falling to sleep but come the morning it’s evaporated from my thoughts. It’s coming up to my favourite time of year so hopefully I can put my worries about life, health etc aside and create a couple more posts before the year is out.


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