Things People Rave about that I don’t really Understand

Hello dear followers, (all 4 of you) it’s been a while. I hope you’re all holding up OK and coping with the new restrictions if they affect your area. I’m just holding on to the hope that we’ll return to a world without social distancing sooner rather than later but I can’t say I’m not unsettled by the uncertainty of it all.

Anyway, there are certain items, activities and people that seem to be celebrated in popular culture that I just can’t get onboard with. I hope I don’t offend anyone so please take this all with a pinch of salt as it’s just a bit of lighthearted fun to temporarily take our minds of the madness that has become life.

Here’s a completely unrelated photo

Lets kick this off with Thongs, a type of underwear so celebrated that Sisqo sang a song about it. During the time the song was released I was a teenager and my friends were obsessed with thongs (I think we all thought wearing one would make boys like us more, even if they never got to actually see it) and the trend for a thong poking out of your low rise jeans was prevalent. I couldn’t get on with them back then and I still can’t now. I’m a practical (read, boring) granny when it comes to day to day underwear – In fact, my nan’s underwear drawer is probably more exciting than mine but I’m all about the comfort. That’s why thongs are a no go for walking around in public as I’ll be constantly pulling at it, as if I’ve got a permanent wedgie. Not a good look

Now you’re familiar with the contents of my underwear drawer lets talk about wine. It’s such a cliche that women in their 30s love a glass (or bottle) or wine regularly, either to relax at home, with a meal or to get tipsy with friends. It also seems to be some kind of bonding nectar that brings people closer together. I used to drink rose and occasionally white wine around 10 years ago but it led to many a bad decision and epic hangover. Nowadays I find that wine is a headache & acid reflux attack in a bottle and it doesn’t even taste that great. I’m partial to a prosecco or champagne but too much of that aggravates the reflux and gives me a dry mouth. The joys of ailments increasing with age. Weirdly though I enjoy a glass of mulled wine at Christmas. It seems I’m a woman of contradiction

Weddings are everywhere – there are even various programmes dedicated to brides picking their dream wedding dress and it seems to be an obsession amongst society but the thought of getting married leaves me cold. All that attention on me and all that stress and money to plan it, I’d rather not bother. I’ve never been one of those women who has dreamt about her big day since childhood and the only thing that appeals really is the big party with everyone you’re close to (although those kind of gatherings are a thing of the past at the moment) Maybe one day I’ll change my mind but for now its a no from me.

Another unrelated picture

I can’t lie, I’m fascinated by the fact that most of them look like Bratz dolls but I just don’t get the obsession with the Kardashians/Jenners. They’re always in the magazines, with a slightly different nose to the one they had last month (miaow) or on TV grating on me with their nasal voices. I applaud the fact that Kim does charity work and I don’t think they’re bad people but there’s something so superficial about them and I’m just not interested in keeping up with them.

Which brings us on nicely to plastic surgery and tweakments. Each to their own and I understand that many people turn to it to feel confident and better about themselves but I believe that rather than normalising having work done, we should celebrate natural beauty, individuality and diversity. It actually makes me so sad to see young girls feel like they need surgery, botox or fillers to look like their idols and that so many people don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. I don’t judge those who dabble and you can never say never but I’m lucky enough not to be so unhappy with my appearance that it warrants having needles stuck in my face or a scalpel slicing through my skin. I’m hoping that less invasive and virtually pain free treatments become available by the time the signs of ageing fully catch up with me but more importantly acceptance prevailing over alteration.

I’m aware that this post makes me sound a bit like a miserable, slightly preachy cow but there are plenty of things in life that I’m all for, including snacks, going out for meals, brunches and drinks, being cosy at home in the cooler months, putting outfits together, trash TV (but not the Kardashians) and some comedy, reading and going on holiday to mention a few.

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