Venturing Out Again

Sorry, I know it’s been a while. I’ve been caught up in an Instagram frenzy and blogging seems to have taken a back seat but the urge to write has crept up again so here I am.

Until recently, most of us had been locked away for the best part of 4 months and unable to experience the things we took for granted such as going to a restaurant or sitting in a beer garden with friends. Now that many places have re-opened you may want to feel some semblance of normality and get back out there again. (If you don’t feel comfortable doing so yet that’s also completely understandable)

In mid July I set foot in a local restaurant for the first time since March. Funnily enough it was the last restaurant I went to before lockdown. I went to Roslin Beach Hotel with my friend and we sat outside on the terrace, enjoying the lovely weather, sea views and atmosphere. The restaurant is one of my local favourites anyway as the food is good quality and there’s decent ambience (as Micky Flanagan would say)

Overall, I was impressed with how the staff stuck to social distancing rules and how each table and chair was thoroughly cleaned after each customer. There was hand sanitiser (this year’s must have accessory, along with a mask) everywhere along with signs on the floor reminding people to social distance. It felt good to be outside, enjoying tasty food and cocktails and catching up with a friend. There were times when things felt almost normal but you could tell fellow diners were happy to be out and we spoke to a couple of people. I think being deprived of social interaction for so long can make people more talkative, even with people they don’t know.

I’ve since been out a couple more times to local restaurants, both outside and in a covered area and I felt comfortable both times. The way we socialise and enjoy restaurants and bars has changed so we need to adapt. It seems to be the summer of Al Fresco dining which, when the weather is good is something I can get on board with

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