Lighten Up

This time last year, I remember seeing pictures of the stunning and clever light installations at Canary Wharf and regretting not going to see them for myself so this time I made sure I went along to the Winter Lights Festival to immerse myself in the illuminated displays.

Different parts of the area were dotted with a variety of light attractions, including this sign above, (translated from Romanian to ‘I miss you’) messages hidden in cascading water (I’m gutted there were too many people around for me to capture this one) and lit up benches that you could actually sit on.

I went on the first Saturday which meant it was so busy it was often difficult to get decent photos and videos. Next year I’d prefer to go during the week if I can as the crowds do get a bit much after a while. I didn’t get the chance to see everything but my favourite was in jubilee park where the water features were filled with white balls with coloured lights underneath. For more pictures and some videos you can have a look at my instagram account:

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