My 2020 Vision

In a year of bad news and disappointing political events, where Brexit was meant to happen (various times) but never materialised it’s not that easy to feel positive about the future.

A new year is traditionally a time when many set personal goals so why not incorporate that into trying to offset the doom and gloom by making at least one goal something that has a positive effect on others? Whether its donating to charity or food banks, volunteering, buying something to eat or drink for a homeless person or helping those around you who are in need. Even having a clear out and donating what you no longer use to charity will benefit others. Another option is to cut down on the amount of new items you buy in an effort to help the environment.

On a personal note, I want to make an effort to blog more in 2020. I’ve had little motivation this year and let myself get distracted by scrolling social media but there is a lot going on that I should engage with rather than letting it pass me by. I feel like blogging in general is getting lost amongst the noise of instagram influencers and the like so it would be good to contribute towards hopefully the eventual revival of blog writing and reading. After all, people have a lot more to say than what can be squeezed into a caption or character limit.

I’m both fearful and hopeful about the future. We can’t control everything but we can all take steps to help those around us live easier and happier lives whenever possible.

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I'm a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from London, living in Essex

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