Ideas to keep the Winter Blues at Bay

I’m not going to lie, this weather gets me down. The novelty of the snow has completely worn off, I’m bored of putting on multiple items of clothing before leaving the house and I’ve practically been in hibernation since late December so I don’t have much to even post on Instagram, let alone blog about. I’m impatiently waiting for sunshine and a warm, pleasant breeze which makes the 20 minute walk to the nearest train station enjoyable rather than a chore and actually encourages me to leave the house at the weekend. Once Spring arrives I can hopefully get my social life back but until then I have some tips if, like me you aren’t a fan of the depths of winter once Christmas is over.


Music cheers me up whatever the weather so if the cold snap is getting you down have a listen to some upbeat songs. They can be in the current charts or older songs that remind you of your childhood or happy times. I love music from the 80s, 90s and 00s, especially a bit of garage. I find that Spotify is a good app to discover new music and is ideal to listen to playlists when you’re doing something mundane like ironing.

Enjoy some quiet me time and self care. If like me, your social life has pretty much ground to a halt, it’s a good time to take stock, get some rest, pamper yourself and do things you enjoy doing at home such as reading, being creative or catching up on your favourite shows. As a child I used to enjoy drawing outfit sketches so last night I decided to draw and colour in a Cher from Clueless inspired outfit. If only I had her wardrobe…


Winter warmers such as a sweet coffee, hot chocolate or good old cup of tea help keep you warm and toasty when it’s cold outside. My office has been like a fridge this week so I went out with a colleague at lunch yesterday and treated us to a hot drink each. I went for a Latte which certainly warmed my cockles. Also, with all the extra calories your body is burning to keep warm you can afford an extra treat. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

There’s something really comforting about a hot water bottle. I stopped using them for years then tried one again last year and wondered why I’d waited so long! They’re great for keeping you warm and cosy and heating up cold hands. I keep one in work which was a godsend last week during the big freeze. I also recommend blankets as wrapping yourself up in one feels like being a carefree baby again. Just make sure you don’t doze off in work!


Embracing the layers isn’t always easy when you feel the cold and need to wear thermals, a jumper, a cardigan, a coat, scarf, gloves and earmuffs or a hat but there are some pretty cute knitwear and accessory options available that you can match to your outfit. I like to wear my tartan scarf with tartan trousers, despite comments from my work colleagues about me looking like a member of the Bay City Rollers. You can also use a hat to hide a bad hair day and just sort it out once you get to work.

The cold may not be comfortable and snow may be dangerous but there is something quite beautiful about the winter. It’s a time when the old is discarded, ready for the new to emerge come Spring. Use this time wisely to recharge your batteries and emerge, feeling renewed once nature awakens again.

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