Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lipkit review

Lip products are the kind of makeup I buy most often and I’ve been wanting to try the Kylie Jenner lip kits for ages but don’t think it’s worth the cost plus customs charges. Makeup Revolution have come to the rescue with a very similar product for the bargain price of £6! They’re currently only available in selected Superdrug stores but luckily my local in Southend had a choice of four shades. I opted for Noble which is a light brown/nude and Reign which is a pink toned nude. Both are very wearable shades for both day and night.



The creamy texture and smell of the lipliner are really good quality for the price and it applies so smoothly, with good coverage. The liquid lipstick also has a nice texture but I did find it slightly sticky. Strangely, Reign is stickier than Noble so maybe I was unlucky with the particular batch of product but it’s something I can live with as everything else is great! It lasts for most of the day with no need to reapply and fades in a subtle way rather than leaving patches.



The only problem was that one of the kits had a missing lipliner but luckily Superdrug allowed me to swap it for another one. I’d definitely open the box and check that both products are there before you go home, just in case. I can’t get over what good value these lip kits are and I want to buy more! I also can’t wait for the metallic options to be released as I have my eye on the rose gold version.


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