My West End Theatre Wishlist

There’s something quite exciting about a trip to the theatre in London’s West End. The bright lights are enticing, the anticipation reminds me of being a young child and once the show starts the action and music keep me engrossed until the curtain falls. I must admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the theatre but in that time I’ve built up a list of shows I’d love to see. I’m gutted I missed out on We Will Rock You but hopefully going to see at least one of these shows in the coming year should make up for it.

Motown the Musical

Motown is one of my favourite genres and my mum would listen to it when I was growing up so singing and dancing along to this musical, which is bursting with classics, would guarantee a great night out! Some of the songs also remind me of Dirty Dancing which I saw a few years ago and is a favourite of most girls my age. Performed at the Shaftesbury Theatre, the story chronicles the journey of Motown founder Berry Gordy and is directed by Charles Randolph-Wright. It would be interesting to learn about the history of Motown whilst being entertained and enjoying the music. The costumes look great too!

The Lion King

I made good use of my Lion King VHS as a child (showing my age here) and The Circle of Life is one of my favourite Disney songs ever so I’d love to be part of the action and sing along. I’ll just have to look away when Simba’s dad dies as that part used to make me cry! Rafiki has to be one of my favourite characters as he is rather eccentric and has always made me laugh. The show first opened in 1999 at the Lyceum Theatre and is now one of the biggest shows in the West End. Altogether now: ‘Can you feel the love tonight…’

Thriller Live

The King of Pop sang arguably some of the best songs ever made and added the best dance moves to boot, both of which I’d be excited to see performed at Thriller Live. I can’t think of a Michael Jackson or Jackson 5 song I don’t like and they were the soundtrack to my childhood. Plus, they always go down well at parties nowadays. This show is a great feel good celebration of Jackson’s music and legacy.


This is another childhood favourite of mine, from the 1988 Roald Dahl book to the 1996 film featuring Danny De Vito. Now I just need to see the show at The Cambridge Theatre. I’ve seen pictures of the set on social media and it looks so inviting with all the books on shelves, reaching up to the ceiling. My friend’s nephews and niece also love the story, especially the part when Miss Trunchball forces Bruce to eat all the chocolate cake! Comedian Tim Minchin provides the music so I would expect songs that are relatable and full of humour.


Who didn’t want to be the exotic beauty that is Princess Jasmine growing up? Even Kim Kardashian dressed up as her for Halloween recently. Based on a story from the Arabic collection of tales, One Thousand and One Nights Aladdin is another feel good Disney classic with catchy songs such as A Whole New World and Prince Ali. Reliving my childhood and being transported to far away lands at the Prince Edward theatre would be a fantastic experience.

If any of these tickle your fancy or you would like to see what else is on offer at London Theatres then why not visit It’s one of the largest theatre booking websites in the UK with long standing relationships with venues and ticket providers so you can count on a reliable and secure service. Once the weather improves and I come out of hibernation I plan to book to see at least one show as they are such a great way to lift your spirits, invoke nostalgia and it’s an enjoyable alternative night out.



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