A Close Shave

If you’re anything like me you’ll use the same razor blade until it’s completely blunt and you keep missing bits when shaving. Blades are pretty expensive and it can be a pain to keep buying them so our skin ends up getting a bit of a raw deal. That’s where Friction Free Shaving comes in. They offer subscription packages for three different types of razor and send 4 new blades straight to your door every month. That’s a fresh blade every week!


I tried the ‘Frankie’ which has a 3 blade head and costs £5 per month which is pretty good value. I definitely noticed the difference changing the blade every week and it was particularly effective on my underarms. My skin felt smooth afterwards and I didn’t notice any bumps or ingrown hairs on my legs.

The only slight niggle is that the particular razor I used isn’t ideal for the bikini area but there is a 5 blade head option which only costs £7 per month and may be a better option. It’s a great idea to make sure you never run out of blades and would make a good gift for someone who is always on the the go and doesn’t have much time to stock up on shaving products.

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