Manfrotto Photography Event

On Monday evening I attended an event held by Manfrotto and Bleat PR which was designed to help us bloggers improve our photography skills along with demonstrating the range of Manfrotto photography aids. I’m a complete novice at photography as over the years most of my blog photos are of me showcasing outfits so it was actually someone else behind the lens rather than myself. However, now I’m posting more about beauty products and food I definitely need to brush up on my (limited) skills. I could also do with a new camera but that’s another story!

I arrived pretty early at 5pm and was really impressed with the venue and how the space had been set up to demonstrate both the products and the best way to utilise them. I couldn’t resist a nibble on a few cakes and was very impressed with the Manfrotto products, particularly the mini LED light on the small, portable tripod as this would be ideal for getting creating the best lighting in restaurants.





During the first hour I spoke to professional photographer Eddie MacDonald who gave me some really useful tips about shooting food and then we took part in workshops for both food bloggers and fashion and lifestyle bloggers with photographer Nicole Gomes. Finally Eddie began his professional photography workshop but sadly I missed most of this as I had to leave by that point. The event was very informative and they also gave us booklets with hints and tips which will definitely come in handy! I’ve also added the small LED light to my birthday list as this will definitely improve the appearance of my images.



Manfrotto kindly gave us a pixie art mini tripod which I’ll definitely get use out of. I also have a 20% code for you! Just go to the website and use the code BLOGMANFROTTO20 to claim before October 2017

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