Under Pressure

I’m not going to lie, sometimes compiling blog content can feel like a chore – especially when life is busy and I don’t have the chance to get a decent outfit photo. I’ll admit that I’ve been pretty lax with my blog recently. Blogging in general just isn’t what it used to be and now it’s mostly a popularity contest. I feel like there is too much gloss and not enough grit – the realness that makes bloggers so relatable. If I wanted gloss and glamour I’d read a fashion magazine but I feel that most of the successful bloggers look like they’ve stepped straight out of the pages.

I don’t want to sound critical but for me, that’s not what blogging is truly about. Of course it should be a labour of love and demonstrate that you have actually made an effort but I think it’s gone too far and the relatability factor is lost. I constantly feel pressured to take great quality photos, post regularly and look into shelling out money for a header and template to make my blog look ‘as good’ as everyone else’s. So much so that it isn’t really enjoyable anymore. I also have no interest in constantly analysing my stats because I’ll only be disappointed and I’m not exactly going to become the next Zoella. For me, blogging has always been just a hobby.

Does anyone else feel the same? How do you push on and carry on blogging? I’m hoping that when I have more free time next month that my blogging will pick up again but I do wonder when I’ll eventually stop blogging completely.

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I'm a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from London, living in Essex

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