L’oreal Infallible Sculpt Review

I do like a bit of contouring, even though it’s a bit passé now! I just love anything that makes my face look a bit slimmer and brings out my cheekbones so when I saw this sculpting product in boots I thought I’d give it a whirl.



To my disappointment, I couldn’t find the brush, which you have to buy separately anywhere so had to resort to using a brush from another palette which isn’t best suited to the job. I applied my usual foundation and concealer then followed the instructions included for each face shape working away, attempting to sculpt my round face. I didn’t use too much product Kim K style as I prefer a more subtle, natural look and I found the consistency to be slightly waxy so if you use too much it’ll just slide off anyway. Please excuse my ill looking, post foundation and concealer but pre bronzer face, scary!



I set it with some powder from Smashbox then applied my usual bronzing powder over the top on the areas where the sun naturally hits followed by eye make up etc. Below is the finished result and it has made a difference to my natural face.


I don’t use it too often but its good if you want to give your contouring and highlighting a slight boost. I would just make sure you use a decent powder to set it so it stays on and also the correct tools to apply it such as a contouring brush.

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