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I’ve seen a few other bloggers doing posts with facts about themselves, which I don’t remember ever doing in the past (apart from those questions and answers on Facebook which are a guilty pleasure of mine) and content is pretty thin on the ground at the moment I thought I’d follow suit. I hope you and your families/friends are all safe and well and that this post provides some temporary entertainment if you’re bored during these lockdown times.

I’m 33 but I don’t look or act my age. I’ve been told I sometimes act like a teenager and others like an OAP. I can be a bit like Peter Pan in that I resist growing up and becoming an adult.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 10 years but various circumstances mean we don’t live together and both live with our families, an hour’s journey apart. (This means so far, I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks) Hopefully this will change in the near future.

I’ve lived with anxiety from a young age and certain triggers can make it flare up, lasting anything from an hour to a few weeks. The worst symptoms are feeling really nauseous, burning up and struggling to eat and sleep. I’ve tried CBT, traditional counselling, (a long time ago) hypnotherapy, rescue remedy, breathing and listening to meditations but nothing has had a significant effect in breaking the cycle.

Driving is unfortunately one of the things that triggers my anxiety and is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to pass a driving test. I’d love to hear from anyone else who has similar struggles with driving related anxiety or just driving in general.

I’d say I’m an introvert who enjoys spending time at home and needs to regularly recharge and (attempt to) get enough sleep but at the same time I can be quite social if I’m in the right frame of mind and love a good night out with friends. I also enjoy going for nice meals with my boyfriend and family and love any excuse to get glammed up but still need my down days wearing tracksuits and no make up.

My interests include fashion, music, food, popular culture, travel, reading and writing. Sadly, I’m not sporty or athletic and I was the one who the competitive person in the class hated during P.E lessons as I just had no interest in winning! I have exercised in the past for my mental health and to look decent in a bikini but it’s definitely something I have to force myself to do. I also find it hard to say no to treats and junk food but try to balance things a bit when I can, which has been less often than usual lately (oops)

Autumn and the build up to Christmas is my favourite time of year. I’m a November baby who loves being at home, all cosy when the weather is rubbish outside. I do enjoy a bit of sun but summers in the UK mean bad hayfever and nights where it’s too hot to sleep. I prefer going abroad where there’s usually air conditioning and outdoor swimming pools. Whenever the weather is warm and sunny I get an urge to take a dip in an outdoor pool but with the travel restrictions, I’m not sure whether that itch will be scratched this year.

Just over 5 years ago I ended up having a blood clot in my brain but luckily it was in a place that hasn’t caused much long term damage. For a year or so life was a blur of hospital appointments, medication, not feeling my best and missing out on a lot but I’d say I’m mostly back to normal now apart from regular headaches, not remembering as much as I used to and feeling less sharp. It’s a bit like restarting a computer and having a couple of files missing. My family, boyfriend and close friends were amazing during this time and I can’t thank them enough.

I’m quite a creative person and in the past I’ve enjoyed sketching fashion designs (badly) making jewellery and cards, writing stories/articles and I have fond memories of designing and making a mini cardboard kitchen at school. I need to reconnect with my creative side to feel more fulfilled so hopefully this period of downtime will allow me to do that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and please let me know if you’ve posted anything similar as it’s so nice to find out more about the people whose blog and social media posts I read regularly

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I'm a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from London, living in Essex

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