Is Disco having a revival

Is disco making a comeback? It would seem so. Remnants of the genre began creeping in early last year and over the past few months I’ve noticed that there are more than usual new releases in the charts that either come under the disco umbrella or are influenced by disco. examples include Purple Disco Machine, Adelphi Music Factory and Lizzo to name a few. Some of the greats from the era such as Nile Rodgers & Chic and Chaka Khan are also releasing new material to add a touch of nostalgia your playlists.

There are various reasons for the apparent resurgence of disco, the current political climate being one of them. Why not escape the doom and gloom of Brexit by having a good old fashioned boogie on the dance floor? (Why do I feel like someone’s nan after writing this sentence?!) Disco is about having a good time, letting your hair down and leaving your cares behind which is definitely something that I can get on board with. Different styles of music also have cycles of popularity and the time has come for disco to have it’s turn in the limelight again.

Where music leads fashion often follows and I detect a disco influence in some of the current Spring/Summer trends. The maximalist look is a nod to the extravagance of the era and dressing up to the nines for a night out. Sequins are a disco staple and there was a smattering of sparkle across the SS19 catwalks from the likes of Prada and fashion magpie, Halpern. The sartorial influence of the 70s decade in general also seems to be popular with the return of tie dye, ditsy florals, waistcoats and a beige colour palette. There are even whispers that disco pants are set to make a comeback so with this in mind, I’ll be getting my glam on and dancing my cares away under a disco ball. See you on the dancefloor…

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