Sustainability in a Throw-away World

As a blogger, there’s pressure to always have the latest must-have items, even if it’s just for the ‘gram. How many of us have bought something that’s ‘of the moment’ worn it once or twice then got bored of it once it’s gone out of fashion? I’m definitely guilty of this but this attitude isn’t exactly sustainable for either my bank balance or the environment.

There is currently a large discussion around sustainable fashion and the damage that fast fashion, as the World’s second biggest polluter, causes to the environment. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I attended a Lucky Things meet up earlier this month where founder Sunita, along with stylist Fatima Truscott discussed the disadvantages of fast fashion and encouraged us to shop our own wardrobes, only buying items that we truly love. This started the ball rolling for me and it gathered pace after watching Fashion’s Dirty secrets with Stacey Dooley not long afterwards. The sheer level of pollution and environmental damage linked to the fashion industry, as demonstrated in the programme was shocking and left an uncomfortable taste in my mouth.

Whilst I love fashion and being on trend, looking after our planet is vital so I’m making a conscious effort to buy less and make better choices when shopping. There are various ways you can still enjoy fashion but limit damage to the environment. I’ve been raiding my wardrobe and styling old items in new ways. Often trends are cyclical so if you love tartan and still have some pieces from a few years back you’ll still be on trend wearing said items now. It’s also made me think more about my own personal style, rather than just wearing fashionable items for approval from others and those Instagram likes.

Buying vintage and second hand clothing is a good way to get your shopping fix and it also means you’ll probably have something that most of your friends don’t have, which reduces the risk of ‘twinning’ on a night out. Personally, I’ve never thrown clothes away and always donate, sell or recycle what I no longer wear so this won’t change but I’d also like to organise a clothes swapping event at some point.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I will give into temptation and buy the odd fashionable high street piece but only if I really love it and plan to keep it for a few years then donate or recycle it once I’m finished. Seeking out sustainable and environmentally friendly brands or lines within brands I already love, such as Join life at Zara and the H&M Conscious collection is also on the agenda.

If we all make small changes it can make a big difference to the World we live in

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