Fashion recycling & style on a budget

In the past, once the new season looks land on the high street I pick a particular trend (or 2) and purchase various items that fit under that umbrella. Last summer the trend of choice was gingham so I promptly stocked up on dresses, tops and trousers featuring that small, distinctive style of check. This summer though things are changing. I’m trying to save money for boring but important adult things so I can’t spend as much on clothes as I usually do. I’ve still bought some new pieces but most of them are from Primark or were under £25 in the sales. I usually wear these with items that I’ve had in my wardrobe for at least a year, often a few years, to bring those pieces up to date. The Miss Selfridge skirt below is something that’s been in my wardrobe for 3 years but when worn with the blue, floral tie hem top from Primark it becomes a pretty current outfit.


Sometimes I do a Kate Middleton and recycle a full outfit, especially for work where there aren’t usually any photo opportunities. My colleagues often comment on how many different outfits I have so cutting down on buying any more is probably a good idea! The orange dress below was a Topshop buy around 3 years ago but I still wear it every summer, especially on holiday. I love the colour and it’s a classic shape. Dressing for this crazy heatwave has been a struggle though. We’ve just had air conditioning fitted in work but as I walk to and from work I don’t want to wear anything too warm or heavy.


I also should mention the fact that this is my first blog post in about two months. I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired as of late and not always like my usual self. Its also easier to just post the odd outfit pic on Instagram rather than thinking about and writing a full post but I have missed it. Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed so maybe making an effort to do it more often will make me feel more like myself.

The outfit below is one of my favourites, mainly because I love the bright print on the Zara top (only £19.99 as part of their beachwear range and probably even cheaper now in the sale) and the yellow sandals were a bargain £4 in the H&M sale! Worn with a simple white vest and skirt which have been in my wardrobe for years creates an on trend look with a bit of an edge.  Have you bought many new pieces this summer?



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2 thoughts on “Fashion recycling & style on a budget”

  1. Totally agree with you. I always shop at end of season for clearance item under $25. NOT ever fashion blogger can become influencer. Those influencer is basically a business. I ENJOY reading ordinary people daily life and the look next door. Thanks for the nice article.

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