Beside the Seaside

I’ve lived in the Southend area for nearly 6 months now and I can now honestly say that I love where I live. Nowhere is perfect or without its issues but I’m much happier and more relaxed here than I was living in London. As I said before I’m in London often enough anyway but it’s nice to come home to somewhere which is usually pretty quiet. Today probably isn’t the best example though as I hear people outside the local pub getting into the bank holiday spirit(s) but hopefully it’ll quieten down tonight.

Last weekend we jumped on the train and went to Leigh-on-sea which is a lovely place to go on the hottest day of the year. There was a great atmosphere as everyone was outside enjoying the weather and the seaside is so picturesque. When I lived in London everyone flocked to the limited parks on a sunny day which never did my hayfever any favours and there was never any space as everyone had the same idea. Although Leigh was busy it wasn’t unpleasant.



We had reserved a table at The Boatyard restaurant and arranged to meet up with my mum and her partner’s friends and their two children, who enjoyed an eye cream and paddling in the sea after our meal. I ordered the fish of the day which was a tasty tuna steak with salad. For dessert I chose the panna cotta which is one of my favourites.



It was such a lovely day and I’m looking forward to more Summer days beside the sea.

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