Review of Anastasia Glow Kit & My First Mac Lipstick

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit has been on my wish list for some time so once I’d built up enough funds in my Paypal account I decided to treat myself. I purchased it through Beauty Bay which had enough in stock and it arrived a few days later. I find it’s most effective when worn over a liquid highlighter to really make your skin pop. It’s definitely my favourite highlighter palette but I’m not quite sure if it was worth the £44 price tag. My favourite shades are White Sand and Snow as they have a subtle white based shimmer which you can build up. I feel like all the other shades are pretty similar as they are all a variation of gold sparkle which look almost the same on my skin. I would’ve been happy with my two favourites and just one gold shade but that option isn’t available as far as I’m aware. They also aren’t quite as highly pigmented as I expected, especially the gold toned shades. Snow is probably the most pigmented I’d say. That said, each shade in the palette does give your skin a pretty glow



With all the new lip product formulas around nowadays and the liquid lipstick revolution transforming everyone’s make up bag, sometimes it’s a nice change to keep it simple and go back to classic lipstick. For someone who loves make up I’ve never actually tried a Mac lipstick until now. My brother got me a voucher for Christmas so I decided to spend it on the cult but very wearable Matte lipstick in Velvet Teddy. A friend of mine wears it and I loved the colour and finish so decided to try it for myself. I’m definitely not disappointed and would like to add to my collection at some point. It also has a smooth texture, a pleasant smell and is easy to apply. Now I understand how people build up a collection of Mac lipsticks!



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